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September 29, 2007
Blued, Screwed, Tattooed VII - Halloween Special:
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Halloween once again. And once again, we stood our ground against all other clubs and lurked around 150 undead gals and guys into the club, which was really turned into a crypt by Angelika - who also was the photographers (and our) favorite Ghoulgirl of the night...check out the pictures and drool her creepy and mouth watering dress!

September 29, 2007
Blued, Screwed, Tattooed VI:
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This time we had to do it without that silly Misfit but we worked it out again. Doors opened and beer for free began to flow unstoppable. Many sick girls entered the club very soon and so the first annual party had its own charme. And we kept on rockin' til morning...

June 30, 2007
Blued, Screwed, Tattooed V:
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The fifth chapter of the party was the first one, at which not everyone who wanted to join the madness, was able to. Why not? Simply, because the club was packed...jam-packed.
230 maniacs in a beer-a-billy frenzy, incited by your favorite outsiders and guest dj Oliver (Still Homesick?Party). And even though the club ran out of beer for a short time, it never stopped the crowd from celebrating itself. Check out the gallery to get an idea of the night...but those pics of course can´t make up the night itself. Neither can words and because of that, I´ll stop writing nonsense.

March 31, 2007
Blued, Screwed, Tattooed IV:
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Hell yeah! If the party keeps going like this, the club will be all too small next time...around 180 maniacs turned the club New Water into a sauna and more than 100 people were already there just an hour after we opened the doors - awesome...thanks,mates!!! With Andreas from "The Sinner & The Saint Tattoo Aachen" supporting the party with lots of his favorite rocka- and psychobilly tunes we finally had to kick the last visitors out at aroud six o´ clock in the morning.

December 30, 2006
Blued, Screwed, Tattooed III:
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The first party without a headline but again with DJ Zöller. Dawn of the dead was December 30, 2006. 1000 CORPSES WALK THE EARTH! And around 120 of ´em found their way to our day before the big Goodbye for 2006 - awesome!! What else to say...

October 31, 2006
Blued, Screwed, Tattooed II - Halloween special:
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Being offered to host a party on halloween is a dream. And a nightmare, because every pub, nightclub, garage, lounge, attic has a halloween party around. With the good old "Nothing To Lose" - Attitude flagged, the gates opened at eleven and two hours later, more than 130 people were busy getting loaded like there´d be no tomorrow and dancing like it would expand the night some more...

September 30, 2006
Blued, Screwed, Tattooed I - A Birthday Massacre:

The party was just a good excuse to celebrate the birthday of Mac Sicko along with some friends in a local club. But it turned out, that way more people wanted to enjoy the party than we´d ever expected. Guided by DJ Zöller, Mac Sicko and Mike Misfit happily played a wild mix of their favorite tunes until dawn.
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